June 01, 2011

dream high!

dream high? hmm. maybe some of you guys will think im gonna post about  korean drama  "Dream High", 
but im not. this is about my drama! dream, hehe =D
a few days ago, i had made an important decision in my life. i received some offers to further my study.
to be honest, i like physics more than chemistry but that doesnt mean i hate chemistry.
maybe u guys will consider to be a engineer because the salary is high $_$
but im not looking for $$$. as long as the salary is enough to afford my life, i can accept that.
 yes, the salary of a engineer may be high, but the life of a engineer is so hectic. 
i dont wanna spend my days at factory for almost all the time. huhu
maybe u guys can, i cant take that.
okay, the life of a pharmacist is not so hectic, i guess.
and mostly, pharmacists work socially. they consult doctors, patients n bla bla bla about  medication.
i think i like the way they work =)   
okay, i choose pharmacy
Insyaallah, i will be doing International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme at Kolej MARA Banting under JPA scholarship.
 (it's a preparation programme but called diploma - dont know why)
im bound to further my degree in UK  if and only if i pass the cut-off point. 
hopefully i can do that. 
thats all, pray for me 
and i wish all the best to all my friends
good luck for your future undertaking.
may all of us succeed in the future.
so, KMB wait for me =)

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