May 31, 2011


okay, i've been staring at my keyboard and don't know what blog about. 
newbie? hmm. not exactly. 
i used to have a blog a year ago but i decided to delete it for no reason. LOL. 
 and surprisingly i just made a new one.
 i don't know wth has dragged me into this blogging world, again. haha. 
 maybe because there are a LOT of my friends out there already have a blog. contagious, i think. haha. 
hmm, honestly, im not so good in english. 
i'll try my best to use the correct english 
(need to improve my english a lot for ielts and other coming english test.) huhu. 
so, dear reader, correct me if im  wrong? =) 
wokeyh2. it's kinda late. out~

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