May 30, 2011

JPA interview 2011 experience

it happened 3 months ago, but i would like to recall  this life changing moment while this memories is still around in my mind. perhaps this post might help the next generations to prepare for their interview. hmm. okay, my interview was held at wisma persekutuan alor setar. i got the evening session which at 3.45pm. but i came earlier in the morning. i arrived at alor setar at around 12.00 noon. then, had my lunch, zohor prayer and changed to formal attire. i arrived at wisma persekutuan at around 3.00 pm.

firstly, i registered myself and signed my "autograph" on a list provided. on that list, it was stated that i was in panel 3. how to say, hmm, there was like a waiting room for interviewees, we need to sit according to our panel no. there were a lot of others interviewees and i made friends with them.  they were just like me, nervous of course. haha. talking to them, especially those who were in the same panel, managed to calm me down.

then, our panel no. was called. there were 5 interviewees in each panel. all of us enter the room according to the no. given. i got no. 4 out of 5.  there were 3 interviewers. one is a doctor the two others are lecturers. 
the question that we were asked :

1) introduce yourself - name, previous school, family background, co-curricular involvement
2) why choose to study oversea - better education system, better R&D, 
3) why choose the course - for me, why i choose pharmacy, i told that, i love chemistry n socialise with people bla bla bla. 
4) do parents have the right to determine their sons' careers? agree or not?
5) bagaimanakah cara untuk beri kesedaran tentang kesihatan kepada masyarakat sebagai doktor/farmasi/doktor gigi ( depend on what course you have chosen)
6) kelebihan yg ada pada diri anda
my opinion about the interview : seriously, it was very relaxing and the interviewers somehow are very friendly.   =)

my suggestions :
  • be prepared - at least try to talk about your name, family background, co-curricular activities. im pretty sure it will be helpful. 
  • come early - in case of something unpredictable happens, you still have time to fix it. you can use that time to kill butterflies in your stomach  =D
  • make friends with others and be friendly - this one managed to calm me down. =P
  • when you enter the interview room, dont sit first, ask them before you sit.
  • take a deep breath 
  • smile  =)
  • dont look at the ceiling and the window ,  eye contact is very important.
  • if you are asked in english then answer in english and if you are asked in malay, answer in malay 
  • if you dont understand the question, ask the interviewer to repeat that question
  • speak clearly and be moderate dont speak too fast or too slow.
  • raise your hand  before you wanna give your opinion. 
  • show teamwork when discussing the question given. e.g. agree with other opinion and then you can add other points. dont forget to elaborate on your points.. 
  • before leave the room say thanks to the interviewers.shakehand? hmm. im not sure but none of us  did that. hoho. 
  • be confident --> the key of everything.  be positive. 
that's all. okay. all the best.

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