June 16, 2011

oh my school . . .

i feel like posting something before i make my first step at KMB this June 28. hmm, it was too fast for me when i realized the fact that my very long and unpaid holiday is gonna over soon. 12 days to go by today and im not done with the registration forms. haha. 

hmm, i went to my beloved school  on last monday with my buddies. we went there by bus and it took about 3 hours to arrive at kangar. huhu. thanks to Hamdi for taking us from Kangar bus station. we met some teachers at school, most of them asked "dpt mna?" , "kos apa?" and my answers  => "dpt kmb, wt ib utk kos pharmacy" and all i could see were the happiness from their faces. hmm, i wanna them know we are not going to disappoint them. insyaAllah  =)  . they had sacrificed a lot for us. they wont get anything from that, no popularity, no increase in their salaries but still there are happy. at least, this news would make them smile for a while. 
Dear teachers, thank you very much for teaching me all the knowledge.
"May God bless you, teachers"