June 02, 2011


i've been so busy lately. hmm, why?

scroll down =)

hehe. i have been playing this game since last week 
actually, i didnt play pc game for almost 2 years because i didnt have pc at my home anymore. huhu.
 the last one was not upgraded to the latest hardware and software. 
very outdated maa. could not support latest games that come with high graphic and other higher specifications.
but last week, my father just bought me a new lappy. hoho =)))
it supports high-graphic pc games but it still has the grahic limit. huhu
so, what am i waiting for? =P 
i went to cs and found the latest version of COD, BLACK OPS. 
okay, this game is about warfare. world war II, i think.
and the settings are quite impresive. e.g snow, jungle, old buiding and all with more real effects.
 my comment : super awesome game plus cool graphic

cool graphic right?

havent reach this level yet

one of the missions in Vietnam.

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