August 14, 2011


nothing significant happened today. same old same old.  i planned to go out  to pekan banting to withdraw some cash  (yeah, wallet ada habuk je ) and to buy a printer. but im unable to do so because there was no one to come with me. pity me :| hmm, i feel like it is necessary to have a printer. there must be something we have to print for every week. at least, two lab report per week. plus i dont wanna depend on the library printing service and knock every door in bloc c  for every week and ask for printing service *smbil bt muka seposen.  haha. if once in a while, it's fine i guess.. tp kalau tiap2 minggu mmg lemak ar. haha. i wondered if i was them, i would say yes sincerely or sarcastically then. xD to those people who had given me the printing service, im indebted to all of you and thanks a lot. doumo arigatou! and May Allah bless u...

but, it seems that i might ask for printing service again as i was unable to buy that box-like machine today. xD
every cloud has its silver lining. so whatever that had happened, there must be a reason for it. Allah knows the best..

*will be sitting for math test tomorrow :3 hopefully i can do it and good luck to those who will be involved! 

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