December 28, 2011

| new year | new semester | new history |

assalamualaikum and haiii..
long time no see. :)
i have been away from blogging for ages. 
coz i had been so busy with IB matters for the past few months
then, i was rewarded with a month of holiday 
which is gonna end so soon.
and meaning to say, new semester is approaching
and also means a war is about to begin..
but, there must be a winner in a war.
and yeah i seek for the victory.. insyaAllah
coz i have so many experience in war.
coz i had gone through many victorious mission
modern warfare 2 | black ops | battlefield 3 | modern warfare 3
do you get it? HAHAHA
and perhaps i should be rewarded with medals.  XD
make sense is it? LOL
okay, back to the topic
insyaAllah, i'll be back to the battlefield on 2 january 2012
with enough supplies (=

"it's not the matter of winning, it's about how well you try to win - anonymous "

"May Allah bless us and ease our journey of life" 

 googled pic - somewhere in New Zealand - |looking for calmness and peace| - abaikan biri-biri -

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