August 12, 2011

being an IB student at McB :D

okay, i've been here for more than a month... and im grateful to be here. even though the student life can be consider as hectic but alhamdulillah i can cope with that for the time being but, this is only the beginning. huhu. i dont know what's gonna happen for the next two or three months. hopefully i can deal with such that situation. :)

how's life? hmm, the environment here is so like boarding school... classes, teachers, ko-op, "kfc" aka kantin... we do  have warden  but a nice one :), no prep! rules are not as strict as my former school is. we're living in a smaller room, but only 2 person in a room. and i have no prob to communicate with my roommate at all because he's my schoolmate and he's from kedah.  :D

* gtg. the lab reports are waiting :3